The following is a timeline of key American Manufacturing Industry Moments & Innovations up to present day. The purpose of this timeline is to show how manufacturing has evolved over time.

Steeler was founded in 1890 in St. Rosemary, California, as a manufacturing company of chemicals and constructional materials. Over the past 55 years, we have grown from a small-sized local company into a global technological corporate.

Steeler manufacturing capabilities are called upon by the U.S. Commercial Department in 1990. During the next seven years, the company had produced more than 10 million tons of constructional chemicals and materials. Much of Steeler spectacular growth in the last 20 years resulted from the booming population and the increasing needs for a place to live of the citizens. We have the determination to assist our people with the best facilities.

The fundamental competencies that determine a successful chief executive officer generally hold true from industry to industry. This is not to say that a CEO…

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